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Telecom Strategic Support

Cost Reduction / Cost Recovery

Today’s corporate telecommunications networks are a complex mosaic of services, vendor relationships, and ever changing user requirements.

What once was clearly defined by voice, data, and video is now converged technology supporting integrated service offerings that seem to have no boundaries. Corporate IT / telecommunications staffs are hard pressed to meet business demands while containing costs within ever-shrinking budgets.

Business Realities:

The sunset of TDM services by the Tier 1 providers will require planning to avoid unbudgeted capital expenses.  VOIP is not what the vendors represent it to be and has a list of new risks:

  • Telecom costs rank in the top 4 expenses for most companies
  • Telecom agreements are the least flexible of any service contracts
  • Telecom bills are complicated with large volume of detail that requires specialized knowledge and technology to analyze
  • Nearly two-thirds of companies do not have controls in place to manage telecom costs
  • Effective telecom management requires an understanding of contracts, bills and service-level agreements

Traditionally we have saved clients between 10% and 22% of their Total Cost of Ownership for delivery of telecommunication services.

Telecommunications Convergence Planning:

  • Reduces network costs and simplify network administration
  • Enables the implementation of new and unique products and services
  • Simplifies processes for users

Telecommunications Financial Modeling & Business Case Development:

  • Establishes a business justification for telecom spend
  • Improves decision making
  • Improves utilization of resources

Contract Reviews and Negotiations:

  • Reduces costly errors
  • Identifies areas for improving service levels
  • Ensures contracts protect your position
  • Improves vendor management

Cost Recovery and Reduction Support (local, wireless, land, VOIP…):

  • Reduces overall telecommunications spend
  • Identifies and corrects billing errors
  • Identifies areas for contract improvements
  • Improves expense budgeting
  • Improves vendor management metrics

Infrastructure Strategic Planning:

  • Reduces risk of costly reactive service delivery
  • Aligns infrastructure with business objectives
  • Enables best possible vendor selection
  • Improves telecommunications deployment and utilization

RFP Development and Vendor Selection Support:

  • Provides a neutral unbiased effective process
  • Accelerates project completion
  • Enables proper vendor selection
  • Identifies and prioritizes telecommunication requirements
  • Aligns vendor solutions with business objectives
  • Process meets or will exceed Audit standards

Why Partner with Think-IT?

  • Over 100 years of professional experience in helping companies achieve their objectives
  • comprehensive review in a shorter time period
  • An objective perspective to the issues
  • Focused on service quality and savings
  • Provides rapid “bottom line” savings and long term improved vendor relationship
  • Delivers a healthy ROI

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