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Services Overview

Minimizing Risk/ Maximizing Investment


Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Business Recovery/Resiliency Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning

Information Security Support

  • Information Security Strategic Planing
  • Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Pentration Testing
  • IT Security Unified Compliance
  • Virtual CISO

IT Audit & Compliance

  • IT Audit Co-Sourcing/Out-Sourcing
  • Compliance Assessments (i.e. PCI, SOX,
  • Unified Compliance Planning

Telecommunications Strategic Support

  • Telecommunications Convergence Planning
  • Telecommunications Financial Modeling & Business Case Development
  • Contract Reviews & Negotiations
  • Cost Recovery & Reduction Support(wireless, local, land VOIP etc)
  • Infrastructure Strategic Planning
  • RFP Development & Vendor Selection Support



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