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IT Audit & Compliance

Protect your Business, Audit IT

Today, businesses operate with significant reliance on information technology (IT), and threats to that technology and the business processes it support continue to increase.

IT Audits must acknowledge the business drivers influencing technology as well as the influence technology can have on the business.

IT Audits are a critical part of compliance and in determining if your IT environment is safeguarding your assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively and efficiently to maintain compliance and achieve your organization’s goals or objectives.

IT Audits focus on determining risks that are relevant to information assets, and in assessing controls in order to reduce or mitigate these risks. By implementing controls, the effect of risks can be minimized.

IT Audit Risk Assessments & Planning

  • An identifiable basis for the role of the Internal Audit Department and justification for obtaining budgetary funds and approval.
  • Prioritizing departmental audits on an ongoing basis.
  • Promotes an efficient allocation of limited resources
  • Opportunities to identify inefficiencies or uneconomical practices
  • Opportunities to identify ways to maximize revenues and/or cost savings
  • Aligns audit frequency, intensity, and timing with risk exposure to maximize the value in dollars spent

Internal IT Audit Outsourcing/Co-Sourcing

  • Reduces the “startup” costs of SOX, as well as the learning curve to compliance
  • Combines internal insight with an independent perspective and professionally prepared review analysis

  • Provides access to leading edge approaches, while freeing up internal staff to focus on your core business
  • Leverages experienced IT audit professionals, leading methodologies and technology tools without the significant internal costs
  • Streamlines internal audit planning to focus resources where they’re needed most.

Regulatory Compliance Assessments & Remediation

  • Identify corporate compliance requirements
  • Align compliance policies and procedures to required regulatory compliance rules (i.e. PCI, SOX HIPAA, FISMA, NERC, GLBA, etc.)
  • Identify deficiencies in corporate compliance policies and procedures
  • Identify/Implement tools, policies/procedures and frameworks (i.e. ISO17799, COSO, ITIL, COBIT, etc.) to manage compliance

Why Partner with Think-IT?

  • Over 100 years of professional experience in helping companies achieve their objectives.
  • A comprehensive review in a shorter time period
  • Identify and build on what you are doing “right”
  • Assistance with Self- Assessment Development And Measurement
  • Our process provides a common framework for  communication (i.e. everyone speaks the same language)
  • We provide active knowledge transfer
  • Maintains the following certifications:Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA); Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC).





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