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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Business, Service Your Customers

When disaster strikes, whether natural or manmade, can your organization recover quickly and seamlessly? Do you have a plan in place to ensure that you don’t lose any critical data? Are your people prepared?

The world is growing more connected and mobile as businesses leverage technology advances and innovation to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer services. Organizations who have prepared for the possible risks and efforts of unplanned outages are able to proactively and quickly respond to fast-moving events and eliminate or minimize the cost and risks associated with reputation and financial loss.

Think-IT understands the challenge in defining a realistic and comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program from defining critical assets, measurement of impact and risk, development of recovery strategies, thorough execution exercises, and staff training. We view Business Continuity Management in terms of a process lifecycle of Identifying Risk and Impact; Strategy and Solutions Planning; Training, Implementation, and Testing; and Plan Maintenance.

Our Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Support Services delivers four pillars of services: Business Impact Assessments, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, and Crisis Management Planning.

Business Impact Assessments:

  • Define your level of needed investment for continuity planning and recovery
  • Focuses recovery and continuity investments on your top priority business processes
  • Provides the foundation for protecting your company revenue, reputation, and loyalty by providing justification for proactive business continuity measures

Business Continuity Planning And Audit:

  • Addresses governmental or corporate compliance standards of care
  • Protects your brand reputation, and builds customer reassurance as a reliable business
  • Enables your business to recover quickly from unexpected events
  • Significantly reduces losses if you are hit by a disaster

Disaster Recovery Planning And Audit:

  • Identifies the technology your business regards as critical for your business to operate
  • Enables business driven approach to recovery of technology assets that ensures critical information is available when required
  • Protects company data, and technology assets
  • Reduces disruptions to operations

Crisis Management Planning And Audit:

  • Limits improvising in a business crisis by proactively planning response in advance
  • Maintains staff and stakeholder confidence in the organization at a time when you can least afford a loss in confidence
  • Prepares responses in advance with procedures in place that allow immediate and positive action to be taken in response to any crisis
  • Offers a unique marketing opportunity to showcase your organization’s ability to maintain customer service levels, regardless of the situation

Why Partner with Think-IT?

  • Over 100 years of professional experience in helping companies achieve their objectives
  • comprehensive review in a shorter time period
  • Identify and build on what you are doing “right
  • Our process provides a common framework for communication (i.e. everyone speaks the same language)

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